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Home Ups Price in coimbatore - Home Ups
ups in coimbatore - ups dealer in coimba

Luminous Ups Battery Authorised Dealer in Coimbatore 

Luminous Ups in Coimbatore - Luminous Dealer in Coimbatore - Luminous  Battery Dealer in Coimbatore

Over the last 27 years, Luminous Power Technologies has established itself as the leading home electrical specialist in India with a vast portfolio comprising of Power back up solutions such as Home UPS, Inverter Batteries and Solar Applications as well as  offerings such as

This has paved the way for Luminous’ success across global markets as well. The organization has shown exponential growth over the last 5 years and made its presence felt in 40 countries through a strong and wide distribution network, allowing us to showcase new and innovative product lines in various international events such as Middle East Electricity (Dubai), Inter Solar (Germany), Inter Solar (Middle East),  and more


Our Special Qualities...
High Performance  -  Extra - strong, flexible oxidation  -  Manufactured using HADI, High pressure casting machine
Extremely high purity  - Corrosion-resistant - Intelligent thermal management
Fast changeover time - Thermal protections - Intelligent battery low cutoff
Adaptive Battery Charging Control (ABCC) Technology

Luminous Ups in coimbatore - Luminous Ba
Luminous Dealer in coimbatore - Luminous
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